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Jets form partnership with Def Jam Recordings

The Jets played their first game at the Polo Grounds on September 11, 1960. About a quarter century later, Def Jam Recordings was founded in 1984 at NYU. Now, several decades later, the two New York staples are linking together for the 2018 season.

Scott Greer, the Executive Vice President, Marketing & Commerce at Def Jam Recordings says the pairing is a match made in NYC heaven.

"Def Jam Recordings is a vital part of the cultural fabric of New York City," Greer told Billboard. "Our artists are always on: whether making hit records, creating content or moving culture forward. Collaborating with another iconic New York brand like the New York Jets to create content and original in-game music has a natural synergy for our brand and our audience, and is a great way for Def Jam to bring fans of the Jets and hip-hop together and broaden the reach for our artists."

So, what will this New York-based partnership produce? The Jets will get their own team anthem that will play at MetLife during home games. In addition to that, they'll be able to use classic Def Jam tracks and new songs in team hype videos.

So Jets fans, dust off your Timbs, throw on your favorite Jets jersey and get hyped for the 2018 season.

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