Jerry Jones and Tony Romo Reunited and It Feels So Good

Yes, today is kickoff. And the Patriots and Chiefs get ready to welcome in the 2017 season - but it wouldn't be a football day without a story about the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, and amazingly, Tony Romo!

The pair were spotted having dinner, separately, last night. According to reports, Romo was at the restaurant having dinner when Jones arrived. Of course, Jones went over to say hello and this photo was captured.

Now, no one was able to hear what they were actually saying, but it did get us thinking… What could they have possibly been talking about?

Here are some of our very best ideas:

JJ: Tony! You know we still got a spot for you... *
TR: *Thanks, but you know, I'm retired.

JJ: Sure, sure. (winks)


JJ: Tony!
TR: Jerry!
JJ: Look, I have this great idea for you to do at NBC, a feature, about the Cowboys - it's great. I'll just email you. Sound good?


JJ: Hi Tony...
TR: Hi Jerry...
JJ: I miss you
TR: :::sighs::: miss you too.

Obviously we'll never know what was said - but it's good to see these two old friends back together breaking bread!

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