Jadeveon Clowney Starts the Holiday Season Early

The holiday season is all about giving, and Houston Texans DE Jadeveon Clowney decided to get a head start on the gift giving. With a big heart and a couple of trash cans, thanks to Jacksonville Jaguars fans, Clowney spent his Friday bringing holiday cheer.

After losing to the Jaguars on Sunday 45-7, Clowney had a few choice words for QB Blake Bortles, and Jag fans took offense to that.

Instead of trolling Clowney on Twitter, Jag fans decided to send trash cans to NRG Stadium. However, Clowney didn't let those containers go to waste.

All of Clowney's gifts were sent to The Mission of Yahweh, which is a Houston faith-based shelter that empowers, enriches and restores the lives of homeless women and children.

No doubt when Clowney gives these gifts to the families, he will receive countless smiles and hugs.

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