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His Name is Lion Mane, And He Will Follow The Lions Anywhere

Fans of the NFL is our celebration of the league's most dedicated football fans.

Only the most dedicated fans travel to hostile territory for the chance to witness their favorite team play a division rival. Aaron T. Latimer was one such Lions fan who made the trip from Detroit to Minneapolis to watch his Lions defeat the Vikings on Sunday, winning 14-7.

For over 10 years, Latimer has been a Lions fan, but the past year he's transformed into a Lion-man, or as he likes to call it... Lion Mane.

Shot on Samsung Galaxy Note8

Latimer has been attending road Lions games for years and says he enjoys the opportunity to see his team away from home. "I like away games because I get a two for one," he said. "I get a vacation, a getaway from home, and get to relax for a little bit."

Minnesota won't be the only road game that Latimer visits this season.

"I want to go hibernate, but they have me going to the Pittsburgh game in the House of the Ford, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore," he said.

Matthew Stafford and his teammates can feel safe to know that no matter where they play, Latimer will always be in the stands roaring for them.

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