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"Gurley kid" invited to attend Rams practice and meet his hero

Todd Gurley and the L.A. Rams may have earned themselves a fan for life this week.

Last Sunday, seven-year-old Griff Sumner was surprised with tickets to the Rams-Jaguars game in Jacksonville to see his favorite player, Todd Gurley.

The boy's aunt took video of the reveal and once Griff realized what was happening, he burst into tears of pure joy.

Thanks to the power of social media, the Rams saw it and invited Griff and his family to attend practice, where he could meet and hang out with Gurley and the team.

Look how big his smile is! He's right next to his hero!

Griff spent the entire practice on the sidelines, chatting with QB Jared Goff and throwing passes to Gurley. No doubt the young fan will have a memory he'll never forget.

Sports have the power to bring people together, and with social media, now it's even easier for fans to meet their favorite player.

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