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Gronk played security guard at Billboard Music Awards

Rob Gronkowski absolutely nailed his first post-football acting gig.

The retired Patriots legend played a security guard for Florida Georgia Line at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. His job? To dispatch fans who were stealing the band's seats.

Even if one of those fans happened to be Kelly Clarkson, as captured by Gronkowski brother Chris.

Later on, Gronk collaborated with fellow actor and big person Terry Crews to present an award. Dancing ensued.

Now that's what Bill Belichick calls doing your job! Add both appearances to Gronk's IMDB page, which keeps on growing after his debut in 'The Entourage Movie.'

See if you can spot his cameo with ex-teammate Julian Edelman in the trailer.

From there, Gronk kept slowly climbing the ladder to an acting career. Here he is as Officer Weadon in 'You Can't Have It,' a role which really helped him ease into the security guard work on Wednesday night.

You'll have to wait to see him as Party Guy Jake later this year in 'Deported.'

Until then, don't mess with Florida Georgia Line's seats.

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