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Former QB Jared Lorenzen documents weight loss journey

Jared Lorenzen can never shed his various nicknames -- "The Hefty Lefty," "The Pillsbury Throwboy," and "J-Load."

He just needs to shed the weight that inspired them.

Lorenzen, the famously round ex-Giants quarterback, needed a change when he hit 500 pounds. Now, the 37-year-old is documenting his weight loss journey in a new E:60 documentary called The Hefty Lefty.

In 2014, when last we saw Lorenzen on a gridiron, he was quarterbacking the Northern Kentucky River Monsters... at 320 pounds. Those figures skyrocketed to even more dangerous levels when his playing career was cut short from an injury.

That's when Lorenzen decided to become the "Not-So-Hefty Lefty." He founded "The Jared Lorenzen Project" last year to document each step of his weight loss. According to USA TODAY's For The Win, he's down 70 pounds since then.

"I noticed that I feel a thousand times better than I have the last two years, especially now that this has been out," Lorenzen told For The Win. "It's about finding the weight I can live at healthy and stay there."

Lorenzen's secret: A diet of rotisserie chicken, strawberries, cashews and shakes. Plus, he hits 10,000 steps a day, lifts at least twice a week, and participates in his own fitness bootcamp.

Here's hoping the "Round Mound of Touchdown" can keep the pounds off for good.

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