Fantasy Football Punishment

Now that the NFL regular season is officially over, so is the stressful fantasy football season. After 17 long weeks, you no longer have to wake up early on Sundays to make sure your starters are active. So, congratulations on making it to the end, but the fun continues year round.

After the victors receive their spoils, the losers have to endure embarrassment and friendly punishments from their counterparts. While fantasy football is mostly enjoyable, these last place punishments are the best from the 2017 season.

Coming in last place in your fantasy league is already bad enough, but wearing a wig and a dress near a busy intersection might be even worse. Talk about an ego bruise.

Being embarrassed by your friends in high school does not help your reputation around campus. Luckily, he only had to wear a pink sash and not a tiara.

Cynthia Frelund is a NFL analytics expert at the NFL Network, and I am sure she has seen some amazing fantasy football punishments, but this one might take the cake. Waking up to your ex's face pasted on your wall might give you nightmares.

Ice skating is hard enough, but holding a sign and wearing a dress makes it nearly impossible. Fortunately, the fantasy football loser didn't slip and fall on the ice.

Once upon a time, standardized tests decided your future. Well, now they just create a bad weekend. Not only do you have to spend four hours taking the test, but having your friends see your results, good luck having them forget that.

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