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Fantasy Bench Regrets: Week 4

The Checkdown's weekly collection of sad tweets about Fantasy Football stars riding the bench.

The NFL regular season may already be a quarter of the way over, but your fantasy regular season is already a third of the way done. Now's the time to kick it into gear and make a push to the top of your league.

This week, there were several players who outperformed their projections and were left on your bench. How do I know that you left them on your bench? Because I left them on my bench.

Let's take a look at the top fantasy bench players this week.

Alvin Kamara
Fantasy Points:15.6
Start Percentage: 1.6%

How many of us thought that a 3rd string running back would have a better game than A.P. and Mark Ingram? If you did, then I need to take fantasy advice from you.

Bilal Powell
Fantasy Points: 25
Start Percentage: 50.9%

The Jets running situation has been a problem and playing the Jaguars defense, it seemed as though Powell should not have started. Well, after a 75-yard touchdown, don't we all look stupid.

Andy Dalton
Fantasy Points: 28.34
Start Percentage: 4.9%

Dalton turned back into The Red Rifle after his stellar performance against the Browns. Even though Dalton was playing the Browns, who expected him to have that kind of performance? Nobody!

Greg Zuerlein
Fantasy Points: 23
Start Percentage: 11.3%

Yes, kickers matter too. Especially this one. Zuerlein was 7 for 7 in field goals, scoring 27 points. Probably more than your top draft pick. He even broke Yahoo's fantasy site.

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