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Famous Horror Movies as NFL Players

Man, isn't October great? Football season, the temperatures get juuuuust right, and then you have Halloween, the most fun of all the major holidays.

I can't help but indulge in at least a few scary movies every Halloween season, even though I'm not someone who is naturally drawn to the horror genre. My favorites are the '80s slasher franchises -- your Friday the 13ths, your Halloweens, your Nightmare on Elm Streets. Those are kind of the right mix of cheesy and spooky to be the perfect popcorn entertainment, especially when you stumble upon them on cable when there's no football on TV.

With that in mind, The Checkdown has refashioned some of our favorite horror flicks to incorporate some of the scariest NFL players (from the opposing team's perspective, that is). If you're able to recognize all of the references, show off your film buff knowledge in the comments below, or directly on Instagram.

Click right on the image to scroll through. Enjoy!

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