Fallon Joins Watt in Raising Money for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt has proven time and time again that he can crush the competition on the football field, but recently, he's also proven he can crush fundraising goals. Even more so with the help of some famous friends like Ellen Degeneres, Drake, Miley Cyrus, and now Jimmy Fallon.

Today, Watt took to social media to announce his Hurricane Harvey relief fund recently topped $27 million, surpassing his initial goal, set only a week earlier, of $200,000. This astounding response has only encouraged other celebrities to follow suit. Last night, during an episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon announced he was donating $1 Million to J.J. Watt's efforts. Followed by this announcement, Fallon then introduced a Houston Choir to sing a fitting rendition of the classic "Lean on Me."

Who would've thought, in a time of such serious matters, we would be leaning on a pro football player and comedian to take charge? I guess it only gives more credibility to the famous saying, "Not all heroes wear capes." Thank you, J.J., Jimmy, and the 188,000+ heroes that have joined them.

Click here to donate to Watt's flood relief fund, and here to donate to the Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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