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Eli Manning: Jerry Jones can say whatever he wants

Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, but that didn't stop the quarterback from suggesting the franchise is inching toward a dynasty. Eli Manning has guided the New York Giants to a pair of championships, but has shrugged off the "D" word.

Manning told "NFL AM" his immediate focus is to improve on last year's 9-7 mark.

"All we can worry about is getting better. We can't worry about other teams or where the media is," said Manning, who acknowledged it's "kinda nice to win a championship and go under the radar."

A popular tune from Manning and the Giants, but not everyone has forgotten about Big Blue. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told a crowd at training camp that he was looking forward to "beating the Giants' ass," something his team failed to do when it mattered most last season.

This infuriated Manning, right?


Almost laughing it off, he told NFL Network: "In this time, in this day, you can't listen to what every single person says and worry about it. (Jones) is trying to rally his fans. ... We just got to focus on these preseason games."

In review: Vick is talking. The Jets are talking. Jerry Jones is talking. Meanwhile, the Giants are zeroed in on preseason games. This should tell us something.

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