Dallas Cowboys owner has words for New York Giants


Los Angeles needs to do better than this if they expect to attract another NFL team.

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While welcoming the Dallas Cowboys back to Oxnard, Calif., for training camp, mayor Thomas Holden said, "We're happy to have Mr. Jones and Coach Payton."

D'oh. "Coach Payton" is wrong in so many ways, even if Jones and Payton share a nice history filled with wine. (In fairness, Oxnard is about 90 minutes from L.A.)

The Cowboys are the only team we know that holds an opening ceremony with training camp. Jones, knowing the gaffe that came before him, then decided to try to steal the headlines from Holden.

Via NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Jones promised the Cowboys crowd he was looking forward to "beating the Giants' ass" this season.

If the Cowboys could have just beaten the Giants' ass or anything else once down the stretch last year, we would have had a different Super Bowl champion.