Michael Vick stands behind Eagles dynasty comment


We've already heard Andy Reid throw his support behind Michael Vick after the quarterback talked of building a dynasty with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Now Vick himself has elaborated on the comments after arriving at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., on Sunday for the start of training camp.

"That’s just me speaking out of confidence, and I think if you ask my teammates they’ll tell you the same thing, that they feel the same way," Vick said Sunday, via Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. "As a quarterback that’s just how I feel. You've got to speak it into existence.

"You gotta aim to shoot for the stars, and if you miss at least you’ll be amongst them, and ... I think that’s gotta be our mind-set. But it all starts on the practice field. It all starts right now, it all starts here and that’s going out and putting in the hard work and the effort to get there."

As for Vick's dynasty talk evoking memories of Vince Young's infamous "dream team" comment, Vick -- like Reid earlier in the day -- made sure to point out differences.

"It’s totally different from the Dream Team comment," he said. "This is a hypothetical thought. When you think about it in the sense that it’s something to aim for -- we can create our own dream team, so nothing against what Vince said, it’s just, this is what we can build if we have the right mind-set."

Fair enough. Considering how last season played out, Vick probably should've kept the d-word out of the discussion. But with that ship has sailed, he has to own it.