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Donald Driver likens Lombardi Trophy to 'Mirror Ball'

There isn't a "Dancing with the Stars" diehard to be found on the ATL team -- Sessler doesn't even have cable, for goodness' sake -- but we're very aware of the gravitational pull the show has on NFL stars.

Donald Driver was the latest player to be sucked into the Tom Bergeron vortex, competing and winning the 14th season of the ABC hit. You'd think the feeling of victory in a reality show would rank roughly 4,000 notches below winning a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers ... but you'd be wrong.

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"For NFL players, the greatest milestone that you can ever reach is holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy up," Driver said during a Wednesday appearance on "NFL Total Access," which aired at 7 p.m. ET. "It kind of felt the same way because I was able to help Peta reach her goal, and that's to win the mirror ball. That's the greatest milestone for a dancer on that show."

("Peta" is Peta Murgatroyd, his dance partner on the show. The "mirror ball" is the trophy that the winning team receives. Back to the story ...)

"It felt the same, the atmosphere was truly the same atmosphere," Driver said, keeping a straight face and everything. "They treated me like royalty, and I was just glad I was able to share her dream with her."

Driver has a deal in place to return to the Packers for his 14th season. Cheeseheads can only hope he'll be able to stay hungry in a world that doesn't include a feisty British judge singing his praises.

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