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Devonta Freeman Gets That Friday Feeling with Chris Tucker

I know this is crazy - but I still think I have to say it - Friday is one of the best movies of all time.

Now, there's a chance if you're under 26, didn't have an older brother or sister, and managed to not really watch TV that you might not know that a lot can go down between Thursday and Saturday.

You also might not know that Ice Cube wasn't just some lame dad or some 4-Point Shoot-Out Champion (no need to click) and you might not even know who Chris Tucker is... which, in fairness, if you only saw his latest Netflix special - might be a good thing.

So if any of that is true: Go watch Friday. Preferably on a Friday. Then, send your thank you's and your money directly to me.

But... if you're like Atlanta Falcon's RB Devonta Freeman - you have seen Friday and you know that Smokey, played by Chris Tucker is one of the best characters ever concocted and the defining character that put Chris Tucker on the map.

So when Devonta ran into Chris...he did what any true fan in 2017 would do - take a selfie video with Smokey.

Personally, there are a few other lines that I would've chosen to have him recite but this is probably the fastest and most well known:

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