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Dalvin Cook Cooks…Literally

Say you're a rookie running back who just played in your first NFL game and just made your
Monday Night Football debut - and you were great! If those things are all true, then you're probably Vikings RB Dalvin Cook because the rookie put up a team record 127 rushing yards in his debut in Minnesota last night.

So, say you're Dalvin Cook and you've had this great night, you'd probably want to go out and celebrate, right? Maybe go to a fancy dinner? Order everything off the menu and treat your friends and family while they toast you and your success...sounds about right.

But, you are not Dalvin Cook. And Dalvin Cook wouldn't do any of that. What would he do?


Cook went to go to The Lotus Uptown to celebrate with his family only to find out the kitchen was closed and the chefs had left for the night. Yoom Nguyen the owner of the popular Minneapolis restaurant jokingly told Cook "if he wanted food he'd have to cook it himself."

And that's exactly what Cook did. All reports are that the food was delicious and according to Nguyen, Cook knows his way around the kitchen.

"He's a natural," Nguyen said. "I helped him scoop it into the bowl. When he brought the food out to his family, they didn't believe he was the one that cooked it."

From cooking on the field to cooking for his family off it – Dalvin Cook had one heck of an introduction to the NFL...Now how do we try some of that food?!?

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