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Dad thanks 49ers rookie Greenlaw for saving daughter

Dre Greenlaw doesn't need football to prove he's a difference-making defender.

Just ask Gerry Dales, a thankful father who says the 49ers rookie linebacker saved his daughter's life at a University of Arkansas frat party in 2015.

If the 49ers did their pre-draft research, they know their fifth-round rookie linebacker is a hero.

Greenlaw confirmed the amazing story at 49ers rookie minicamp.

Greenlaw told reporters he "(felt he needed) to kind of step in." He might've saved Meghan's life by acting on that instinct.

"At the time, regardless of if it was my friend or not, you have got to watch out when you're going to frat places," Greenlaw said. "Not saying that Arkansas is bad for it, but it happens. And I'm just thankful that I was there to help."

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