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Cute kids in NFL Halloween costumes

Halloween night is nearly here and while it might not be everyone's favorite holiday, what other day is it acceptable to dress up, walk around the neighborhood and beg strangers for candy?

Young kids might find the holiday a little scary with all of the monsters roaming around, but receiving king-sized candy bars and eating 'em all in one night makes everything worth it.

While candy is extremely important, so are the costumes kids get to wear. Especially if their parents live or die by their favorite team, it's not uncommon to see kids dressed up as famous NFLers. From baby Andy Reid to fun-size Khalil Mack, enjoy these creative and hilarious kids' costumes.

DE Khalil Mack, Oakland Raiders

DE Von Miller, Denver Broncos

DE Von Miller and WR Demaryius Thomas

WR Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys

And let's not forget this classic.

Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach

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