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CJ Anderson's Mom Won't Root For Him Against The Raiders

Who are you more loyal to: your family or your favorite team? When it comes to Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson, his mom has made it clear that nothing is more important to her than her beloved Oakland Raiders - even when they're playing against her son.

The Anderson family is from Vallejo, about 25 miles north of Oakland, and with the Broncos visiting the Raiders on Sunday, C.J. Anderson will need to reserve a lot of tickets.

"They'll be there. My mom, my little brother, they'll be there," said Anderson. "When 22 Anderson] is in the game, they'll root for us. When I'm out of the game, they'll root for the [Raiders."

It's one thing if a cousin roots for the opponent, but you'd figure mom would be pulling for her son and his team, right?


"It's tough," said the Pro Bowl running back. "My mom goes every time. She criticizes me. Every time she goes, 'Look, you know I'm a Raiders fan. I love you son, but just not against my Raiders.'"

Anderson knows his family supports him all other times. Just not during Raiders week.

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