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Can You Find All the Easter Eggs?

The regular season is only hours away, and all 32 teams have the same goal -- winning the Lombardi Trophy.

This photo has a representative player for every team including a few hidden Easter eggs. Can you find them all?

If you can't, we here at The Checkdown did you a favor and circled them for you.

Even better, we made you a list of all the Easter eggs in the photo. You're welcome.

Tom Brady's five rings
1. Aaron Rodgers' belt
2. J.J. Watt's arm brace
3. Jay Ajayi's UK flag
4. Cam Newton's cape
5. Marshawn Lynch's skittles
6. Eric Weddle's beard
7. Odell Beckham Jr's hair
8. Dez Bryant throwing up the X
9. Von Miller's glasses
10. Antonio Brown's earings/hair
11. Northern Lights for the Super Bowl in Minnesota
12. Andy Dalton's red hair

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