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Browns passers give details on secret, "QBs-only" RV

On Monday reporters got some insight into the Browns secret, "QBs-only" RV.

The RV, which has been one of the big talking points of Browns training camp, isn't strictly "QBs-only." Veteran QB Drew Stanton, who came up with the idea for the RV, said members of the O-line have VIP access and that any offensive player can stop by.

"It's just someplace that you can go, you can get out of these four walls that start to close in on you after a period of time," Stanton told ESPN. "There's no secret meetings or anything going on."

Tyrod Taylor echoed Stanton's sentiments and downplayed the buzz around the obscure hangout spot for the team's passers.

"It's just something for us to be able to get away," said Taylor. "Not anything special or anything. Y'all are making it way bigger of a deal than it should be."

That being said, rookie Baker Mayfield said the RV still won't be open to the media's peering lenses -- not even Hard Knocks.

"Privacy in my home, my mobile home," Mayfield told ESPN when asked about how he'd keep cameras outside the RV.

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