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Bill Belichick called Patrick Mahomes' stadium throw

Bill Belichick was as prepared for Patrick Mahomes' cannon arm as he is for literally everything else.

In fact, the Patriots coach knew K.C.'s QB had an arm that could skip stadiums back in October.

There's a reason football pundits tout this man's genius. Mahomes upper-decked an Arrowhead Stadium throw late last week just like Belichick predicted.

The Uncle Rico-esque display required 41 Action News' helicopter crew to capture.

Let's do some math for Chiefs Kingdom here. Kansas City's architectural height is reportedly 260 feet tall. Carry the one. Divide by three. Mahomes' throw must've flown nearly 87 yards up in the air to exit the stadium.

Think about that as long as Travis Kelce did and you might reach the same conclusion.

Just take Belichick at his word next time. When the coaching legend says out of the stadium, he means OUT OF THE STADIUM.

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