Bengals DE Carl Lawson Lost Two Teeth During Game

The Checkdown's daily collection of football culture stories for October 2nd, 2017. This is the Extra Point.

Bengals DE Carl Lawson lost not one, but two (!!) teeth during a play

While trying to make a sack on Cleveland Browns QB DeShone Kizer, Lawson lost two teeth after falling to the ground. During the play where he lost his two teeth, Lawson was not wearing his mouthguard. Didn't his mom ever tell him to watch his mouth? I know mine did. There's a reason why moms know best.

Kids draw the funniest things

Torrey Smith's son, TJ, had one of the greatest drawing of Eagles players Legarrette Blount and Carson Wentz. I can only see two reasons why Wentz is orange: either it's his ginger hair, or because he is fire on the field. I like the second reason better.

Shady has a message for the media

Nobody expected Buffalo to beat the Denver Broncos or Atlanta Falcons, but that's exactly what they did the past two weeks. The Bills are 3-1 this season and currently in first place in the AFC East.

LeSean McCoy is right. You can't be more of a winner than that, at least not in Week 4.

Kony Ealy earns an emotional game ball from his teammates

Last week, Ealy experienced the worst thing that can happen to a family when he lost his sister, Latoya Brown. On Sunday, Ealy recorded a tackle, 4 pass deflections and an interception for the New York Jets overtime victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. His teammates showed him love and awarded Ealy a game ball that he will never forget.

Our thoughts are with Ealy and his family.

Washington CB makes a big donation for disaster relief.

Josh Norman donated $100,000 to help the citizens of Puerto Rico on Saturday. Our fellow U.S. citizens have been devastated by back-to-back hurricanes and are without many basic services.

If you'd like to help, please consider giving blood or donating to the Red Cross or UNICEF.

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