Andy Reid's Imposter interviewed on sideline

In a three way tie for first place, the Kansas City Chiefs hold the tiebreaker, but they are are in a tight battle for the AFC West crown with the Los Angeles Chargers and Oakland Raiders. However, on Sunday, there might have been two Andy Reid's on the field, the real one and Chris Wilhelm.

Prior to the Chiefs' game against the Jets, Wilhelm was a popular man on the sidelines. Not only were people asking for photos with him, but he was even interviewed by NFL Network reporter Stacey Dales.

Wilhelm started to dress up as Andy Reid when his wife asked him on one fateful Halloween night.

"My wife wanted me to dress up as Andy Reid when he was the coach of the Eagles at the time," stated Wilhelm. "I met [Andy] Reid during training camp, we talked about cheesesteaks and barbecue."

For the past 30 years, Wilhelm has been a Kansas City Chiefs fan and even though he may look like Reid, his Chiefs fandom runs deeper than that.

"The Chiefs means everything to me… they are my heart and soul," said Wilhelm.

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