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Adam Thielen's tweet cancels calculus final

A pre-calculus math class in Minnesota learned about the Law of sines -- an equation to relate the lengths of the sides of a triangle.

They also just learned the Law of Signs: Write a sign on the whiteboard for Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen, get a retweet, and get out of Mr. Simmons' final exam.

Technically, that's not a retweet. But forget technicalities when a 2017 Pro Bowler responds to your class on Twitter in less than 30 minutes. That's as fast as Thielen is on the U.S. Bank Stadium turf.

If they weren't already, all the students at Staples Motley High School -- a two-and-a-half hour drive from downtown Minneapolis -- just became huge Vikings fans.

Honor the deal, Mr. Simmons. That dry erase signature is 100 percent binding.

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