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A guide to pop culture-themed fantasy team names

This year's fantasy league trophy has your team's name all over it. So you better make sure that team name is awesome.

But how do you land the perfect team name -- one that displays the football nerd within while remaining culturally relevant? It's been a tough last for fantasy GMs everywhere... until now.

Behold: The 10 best fantasy names for every kind of nerd, from '90s Cartoons to Game of Thrones and every pop culture universe in between.

One of these names could be the one instilling fear in your friends or coworkers. You can thank us later.


  1. Game of (Julio) Jones
  1. A Gurley Has No Name
  1. Alshon Joffrey
  1. Demaryuis Targaryen
  1. House Tyrell Williams
  1. Tyrann Lannister
  1. My name is (TyReek)
  1. DraCARRis
  1. Song of Matty Ice and Fire
  1. Samwell Darnold

'90s Cartoons

Star Wars


Harry Potter

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