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8 Unique NFL Holiday Gifts for Cyber Monday

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the turkey's been devoured and the naps have been had, it's officially holiday shopping season once again.

If you're like me, Christmas shopping always comes as a surprise. Some people are very responsible with their gift buying, stashing ideas for their loved ones months ahead of time. Not me. Every year, I'm like "wait, again?! Already?? Didn't we just do this, like, a year ago??" This is because I am an idiot.

Thankfully, online shopping has made it easy to avoid any consequences for my lack of foresight. If only there were a way to buy you a present, The Internet. I can always count on you for those sweet, sweet Cyber Monday deals.

It's still tricky, though, because my family can be tough to buy for; my dad's response to any request for gift ideas is always "I don't need anything" because his two interests are (a) Buffalo Bills football, and (b) Westerns, and at this point, he really doesn't need any more from either hobby.

So for those who are tough to buy for, like my dad, or your hipster brother, or your sister-in-law with the big laugh, or the cousin who seems to hoard gnomes, or just for yourself because, why not, you deserve presents, too -- here are some of the most unique gift ideas hiding in the NFL shop.


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