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5 NFL players who'd dominate a dunk contest

Picture a Venn diagram of freakishly athletic humans who are also wildly creative and entertaining.

Your standard-issue NBA dunk contest winners live there. But so do a handful of NFL players with the traits and personality to match.

Leap over a car? These players could do it. 360 windmill from a ball dropped by a drone? No problem. The NBA returns tonight, but the following five NFLers could step right in and posterize people.

Basketball rims might want to stop reading here. These are the NFL players with the mind and ability to dominate a dunk contest.

Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey

The NFL's preeminent cornerback does not lack self-confidence. That's what dunk champions need.

They also need freakish athleticism; Ramsey has that too. According to this Sports Science episode, his max vertical from a running start is a half-inch shorter than that of former dunk contest champion Blake Griffin. And Ramsey is nine inches shorter than the Pistons' star forward.

Packers WR Davante Adams

Remember the J.R. Rider between-the-legs dunk from the '94 contest? Adams does that for fun.

Adams makes his living by out-leaping professional cornerbacks. A basketball rim is nothing compared to that. Plus, Adams dunks even when he knows he shouldn't just because he can.

There isn't a sport on this planet OBJ couldn't conquer. It's how he'd dominate the dunk contest that'd make the Giants wideout an odds-on favorite.

He's an entertainer at his core; Beckham Jr. would make sure to add some one-handed slams and dance moves to his routine, just for fans. Then, he'd showcase the 38.5 inch vertical leap that brought him to New York in the first place. This man has absolute bunnies.

Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki

NFL Network's 'Good Morning Football' asked Gesicki to submit a dunk tape last spring. This is that tape.

The Penn State product and soon-to-be Dolphins tight end couldn't help himself. He loves slam dunking that much, and with a 41.5-inch vert and a 129-inch broad jump, who could blame him?

Cowboys WR Cole Beasley

Looking for the NFL's dunking answer to Nate Robinson? Look no more.

That title goes to Beasley, Cowboys slot receiver during the season and mind-blowing dunker in the offseason. He even calls out NFC East rival Beckham Jr. in the caption. Reminder: He's also 5-foot-8.

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