49ers players spent a day as Google interns

When it ends, the 49ers QB could end up back with tech giant -- as an employee.

In April, Mullens and teammates became Google interns for a day as part of the team's player engagement and development program. It was a great learning experience for the Southern Miss product, who documented his day on Google's Blog.

"I didn't know just how many things Google could do," Mullens wrote. "It's not just a search engine -- there's so many different things Google is involved with. It was interesting for me to see just how many people have to contribute just to make the company go. The second I stepped on the Google campus, I sensed the open atmosphere and work environment that Google has."

Mullens said he could see himself joining that work environment -- just like Chase Williams did.

Williams, an NFLer-turned-Googler, talked with players about tech skills that translate from the gridiron. It was the highlight of Mullens' day.

"The biggest struggle when leaving the NFL is that you've surrounded yourself with this game your entire life," Mullens wrote. "Chase's talk helped many of us realize that we've been developing ourselves for life after football all along. We know how to perform under pressure and have our work put under a microscope. We know how to communicate -- with our teammates, our coaches, our higher-ups, our fans. After playing in the NFL for years, you have a lot of other skills, you just have to realize you have them."

Mullens fully realizes his post-career potential after his trip to the Googleplex.

"I'm so glad I signed up," he wrote. "Visiting Google was probably the coolest thing we've gotten to do -- outside of football."

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