13 Hype Videos to Get You Ready for College Football

While we're all waiting for the NFL season to start, thankfully college football is getting underway for real this weekend (yes, it did technically start last weekend down under, but you know what we mean).

So, it's time to roll out the annual tradition of college football hype videos. The list below is varied - and growing - so check back for updates and enjoy the best the internet has to offer.

West Virginia
Using their former NFL fullback, Owen Schmitt on the narration, the Mountaineers are focused on history, tradition and 2017.

The Tigers are channeling the 90s with their Fugees inspired, "ready or not" hype fest.

Dancing Wolverine, and lots of Jordan Brand beauty shots! The boys will be taking on the Gators, Saturday in Arlington, TX.

Speaking of well-dressed... Oregon always has some of the best threads in the game and 2017 will be no different.

The Boilermakers had a tough 2016 finishing 1-8 in the Big 10 and 3-9 overall last year... But guess what? LAST YEAR IS LAST YEAR and its OVER. This is a new year and the Boilermakers got a new locker room.

They also kept with the non-football highlights related video theme for this hype video as well.

"It's midnight in Tampa!" The Bulls start their season in California on Saturday.

The Tigers take it up a notch, with their 2017 trailer.

Florida State
The Seminoles are VERY aware that other people think they aren't ready for Alabama. Are they? This video makes a strong case.

Big season last year for the Buffs... and this year they're ready to take it further.

Bulldogs are all about 3 letters this year... #ATD

Notre Dame

Gotcha! Not a hype video! Just the equipment guy packing up the jerseys for game day. That said, it's epic.

Ohio State

Honestly, it's the best of the bunch thus far... so it's presented without comment.


You know we have to end with everyone's favorite post-game celebration.

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