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10 Fantasy Football Team Names Your Dad Would Be Proud Of

There is only one day before kickoff and hopefully you have already drafted your championship fantasy team. If you haven't, what have you been doing?

Well, even if you haven't drafted yet, here are a few fantasy football names that your dad would be proud of:

Rudolph the Redzone Reindeer
Player Name: Kyle Rudolph
Rudolph with his bright red nose, will lead your team through the cloudy 13-week fantasy regular season. Maybe, Rudolph will eat some spaghetti with maple syrup after you win a championship.

**Mariota Kart**
Player Name: Marcus Mariota
Mariota will have your team on the fast track to 1st place, all the while he holds three red shells.

**Stairway to Evans **
Player Name: Mike Evans
Your team will be on the stairway to fantasy football heaven with Evans. Hopefully, he can play guitar as well as he can grab jump balls from quarterback Jameis Winston.

Fig Newton
Player Name: Cam Newton
Every fantasy victory with Cam at quarterback is going to be like a sweet, sweet, fancy treat.

How the Lynch Stole Christmas
Player name: Marshawn Lynch
Watch out Whoville, Marshawn is on top of Mount Crumpit, ready to bring fantasy football cheer.

Brady Back Ribs
Player Name: Tom Brady
Mmm, these ribs are so good. Almost as good as winning five Super Bowls.

Player Name: Jimmy Graham
Your team will be so good, you'll be logging in to check it almost as much as your actual Instagram.

Player Name: Dez Bryant
Dezpacito/ This is how we do it down in Dallas. / You just wanna hear fans scream touchdown! / Dezpacito.

Saved by Odell
Player Name: Odell Beckham Jr.
Named after all the great catches your team is going to make, including cheerleader babe Kelly Kapowski.

If all of these names fail, Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate is offering his name for your fantasy team.

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