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Wes Welker gets low offer from New England Patriots

Did the New England Patriots' low-ball offer to Wes Welker truly open up his free agency? That might be the case.

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Sources told's Albert Breer the Patriots' offer was "substantially lower" than Welker expected. Now teams believe he'll seriously consider leaving New England.

Did the rest of the NFL assume Welker would return and not bother making a legitimate run at the receiver? Possibly.

One thing is certain: Welker wasn't happy with the offer. And strange things can happen when someone feels slighted or disrespected. Welker carved out a niche (five 111-plus reception and 1,100-plus yard seasons) in New England, and despite any posturing, Welker probably thought the organization would present a workable deal. That, apparently, didn't happen.

Teams in the market for a receiver sound ready to jump into the mix.

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