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War: Newton challenges Megatron to 'Madden'

And now this from the world of Madden:

As you know, it's down to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson for all the marbles.

While fans decide which player to splash on the cover of the popular EA Sports video game, Newton has chosen a more direct route, asking Megatron to go one-on-one in a Madden showdown.

"This is your boy. The one, the only, Ace Boogie," Newton told the world via YouTube. "... aka The Dinosaur; aka SuperCam; aka Killer Cam; aka Killer; aka Mr. Swagman; aka Mr. Goes H.A.M. Cam Newton.

"And I have a public service announcement to make. First off, I would like to thank all the fans that have voted for me for this Madden 13 cover. It is a big, big deal to me. Why is it a big deal? Because this is something that I do. I play Madden. I've been playing Madden. And as a fan of Madden, you've got to think: 'Am I voting for someone who plays Madden?"

Newton went straight at Johnson: "If you are who you say you are -- and you want to be Mr. Madden 13 -- can you play Madden?"

Cam -- a fan of long lists -- offered to face Megatron on Xbox, PlayStation 3, Atari, GameCube, PS3, PSP. (Note: Zero mention of ColecoVision.)

We then delve into Newton's "sanctuary," where a pair of massive flat-screens beam out Madden 12. Cam invites Megatron to make his way to Newton's pad or dial in online for a war to end all wars (sort of).

Megatron: What say you?

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