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Travis Henry trying to make NFL comeback at age 34

Former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams completed one of the more improbable comebacks in recent NFL history when he returned after two years away from the sport. Travis Henry is going to try to top him.

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Adam Caplan of SiriusXM NFL Radio reports that Henry is trying to make an NFL comeback at age 34.

While we would never say never, we can almost say never in this case. NFL teams don't want running backs once they reach that age even when they are future Hall of Famers like LaDainian Tomlinson. Henry hasn't taken an NFL snap since 2007. He wasn't that effective of a back then; he was an average player at best before running into off-field problems.

Teams never are shy to give a talented player a second chance, but Henry's talent at age 34 wouldn't warrant such a shot when guys like Cedric Benson and Ryan Grant are looking for jobs. It would be stunning if Henry got a look.

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