Coaches Film

Stream regular season, post season, and Super Bowl footage from exclusive angles

"Coaches Film" is the term used to describe certain camera angles used for game analysis by NFL coaches, scouts and game officials. Every play from every game (including all regular-season and playoff games, plus the Super Bowl) is recorded on the Coaches Film cameras.

All-22 view, as seen on Coaches Film.
All-22 view, as seen on Coaches Film.

Coaches Film is comprised of two main camera angles: "All-22" and "High End Zone." The "All 22" camera is positioned high above the NFL playing field and shows a view of the field that includes all 22 players (11 on offense, 11 on defense) at the same time. This All-22 camera view can be used to analyze all plays and players on any given play in an NFL game.

High End Zone view, as seen on Coaches Film.
High End Zone view, as seen on Coaches Film.

The High End Zone camera is positioned on either side of a field, high above the goal posts and behind the end zone. This camera angle shows what the play looks like as game action is happening coming toward (or going away from) the end-zone camera. When the High End Zone camera angle is combined with the All-22 camera angle and the television broadcast view, NFL fans have all the tools needed to analyze the game just like an NFL head coach does.

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* Service is available after the televised game broadcast is over. Coaches film is not available during the Preseason.
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