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Tony Romo, Sam Bradford top Week 10's key throws

Gregg Rosenthal breaks down the five throws that explain Week 10. Marc Sessler already blew your mind with the best runs.

The play below is the most Tony Romo play possible. (In a good way.) Give Romo credit: With the season on the line, when the Dallas Cowboys absolutely needed a touchdown drive late in the third quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles, Romo delivered.

Sure, a fake punt helped keep the St. Louis Rams' go-ahead touchdown drive alive. Yes, the Rams only wound up tying the game. That doesn't take away from Sam Bradford's excellent day against the San Francisco 49ers. He needed this performance in a big spot. My selection -- a third-and-eight dart to Danny Amendola in traffic -- was typical of his day. He noticed the 49ers late to line up and got the snap off quickly, which made a difference.

We love how calm and patient Josh Freeman is in the pocket. We love his deep ball. We love the protection he's afforded despite injuries to his Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line.

Philip Rivers did so many good things in the San Diego Chargersloss to the Buccaneers before imploding in the fourth quarter. His interception returned for a touchdown was one of the worst of his career, the type of throw you make when aren't thinking clearly.

Any throw that inspires the following quote from Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice about Golden Tate is worth a mention: "His throwing motion was the worst. I thought we traded for Tebow for a second."

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