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Terrell Owens: We've seen the best of Tony Romo

With Tony Romo less than a day removed from season-ending back surgery, one of his former Dallas Cowboys receivers questioned if the quarterback's best days are over.

"I think if you're looking at this situation -- two back surgeries in two years -- I don't think we should expect any Peyton Manning magic from him," Owens said Friday on NFL Network's "NFL Total Access." "I think obviously he's had his ups and downs as it is. You wish the best for him, but I think we've seen the best of him."

Romo arguably posted the gutsiest showing by any NFL player this season, playing through excruciating pain in Sunday's win over the Washington Redskins.

Still, Owens believes the Cowboys have a better shot to win the NFC East on Sunday night with Kyle Orton under center against the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I do," T.O. said. "I think it honestly because, again, if you look at this situation, if it shakes out and if it's a shootout -- late in the game -- everybody's expecting Tony to throw (an) interception. ... Again, not to take anything away from what he's done this year. He's played spectacular, but going into situations like this, I mean, everybody expects the obvious, and that's for him to make a mistake. A huge mistake."

It's in vogue to pick Romo apart, but his statistical output is among the best in the league and he's proven his toughness repeatedly. NFL Media's Albert Breer reported Friday that the timetable for Romo's recovery is about four months, according to a Cowboys source. If all goes well, he'll be back in the saddle with ample time to prepare for next season.

Romo has kept Dallas alive in games all season despite one of the worst defenses to ever stink up the field in Dallas. He won't have a chance to write his own script Sunday night against Philly -- or silence his legion of doubters -- but his absence will be felt.

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