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Terrell Owens faces ticking clock for NFL return

Terrell Owens remains the lonely boy on the bleachers waiting for someone -- anyone -- to bat their eyelashes at him.

Shutdown Corner spoke with the wide receiver this week at the opening of a gym in Hollywood, where he continued to stump for work now just weeks before NFL training camps begin.

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"My numbers speak for themselves," said Owens, who's 38. "It's not a matter of performance, I think everyone saw that my last year in Cincinnati. Once I get on the field, I play football. Everything else is out the window."

As has been documented ad nauseam, Owens makes a fair point here. He never stopped being productive -- he nearly had 1,000 receiving yards and nine touchdowns for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010.

But the reality of the situation is that Owens has never seemed further from an NFL roster. The Cleveland Browns' decision to select former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon in Thursday's NFL Supplemental Draft spoke volumes.

The Browns were desperate for receiver help -- so desperate they gave up a second-round draft pick next year to gamble on a talented-but-troubled prospect who hasn't seen live action in two years.

In effect, the Browns chose promise and baggage over experience and baggage. T.O. sits alone ... all dressed up without a dance partner. Don't expect that to change any time soon.

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