Ten GIFs that help us understand Week 2 in NFL

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 2 through GIFs. It all makes delicious sense!

Marshawn Lynch and the Raiders are having fun together, aren't they? The arrangement works for both parties: Beast Mode can carry the ball 10 to 15 times a game, score some touchdowns, capably rep The Town, then dance on the sideline like nobody's watching. Even if everybody is watching.

Fun memory: I was in the Seahawks locker room after they wiped out the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII when I spotted Lynch making his way to the middle of the room. Lynch -- dressed in a red hooded sweatshirt, matching sweatpants, and a mask that covered half his face -- plugged his iPhone into a speaker and cranked up some Oakland hip hop as curious journalists started to form a circle around him. He then proceeded to dance. No one else joined him, and he didn't care. It was just Beast Mode, dancing like nobody was watching.

I bring this up because Marshawn Lynch wasn't trying to show up the Broncos that night, just like he wasn't trying to embarrass the Jets on Sunday. Beast Mode just felt like dancing ... so he did. The man operates under his own autonomy.

Good for Antonio Gates, who finally got that elusive 112th touchdown reception. A couple years ago, I would have thought Tony Gonzalez or Gates were ultimately just keeping the No. 1 spot warm for Rob Gronkowski, but it's now it's safe to wonder if ol' Gronk's body is going to cooperate long enough to set records rooted in longevity. Whether the record has legs or not, Gates is a Hall of Famer who will be remembered as an all-time red zone threat.

Truth time: On balance, I've been underwhelmed by the touchdown celebrations in the first two weeks of the season. But this right here is fun and dumb and silly and inventive. That's the Core Four tenets we should strive for. It also opens up possibilities for players to take this idea and spin it off into something next level ... kind of like how Radiohead went from The Bends to OK Computer. One idea: How about some drive-by dunk challenges?

Well here's something I don't remember seeing last year. Sunday's blowout loss in Denver could end up being just a minor speed bump for the Cowboys, but let's also kept in mind that just about everything broke right for Dallas last season. Those are special years you really want to leverage into Super Bowl appearances. Starting over is hard.

One of the toughest things about Week 2 is its nasty habit of resurrecting narratives you thought were dead and buried by the events of the prior week. That's a dejected Jared Goff wandering off the field after his fourth-quarter interception sunk his team against the Redskins. Rams fans saw a lot of this version of Goff last season, and Week 1's 300-yard effort in a blowout of the Colts led to a premature sense that Goff's demons had been vanquished for good. We'll see about all that.

That's Kirk Cousins celebrating Washington's go-ahead touchdown against Los Angeles with a fist bump you may remember your old man unleashing during especially heated family reunion horseshoe contests in the '90s. That's textbook Suburban Dad Sports Intensity (SDSI) right there. Cousins would definitely be that guy in your intramural basketball league, by the way.

Poor Anthony Lynn. All he ever wanted to be in life was an NFL head coach. But getting that elusive gig with the Chargers came with a devil's bargain -- being in the Bolts big chair means an annual collection of gut-wrenching defeats that will test your sanity. That's one bit of team history the team had hoped it left behind in San Diego.

This was right after rookie wide receiver Zay Jonesfailed to come down with a fourth-down throw from Tyrod Taylor that could have given the Bills a dramatic comeback win against the Panthers in Charlotte. One day, the Bills will start to make these plays again. One day. Fun fact: That woman is still at the stadium locked in the same pose.

The repeated helmet tapping is one thing. The oddly aggressive arm grip is another. Aqib Talib had the proper reaction here. When I crowd my 3-year-old son, he likes to hit me with one of those phrases children can only learn at progressive daycares: "Daddy, I need some bubble space."

When the national telecast is going with a quad box to illustrate the restlessness of your fans, you know something has gone very wrong. And not scoring a touchdown in eight quarters over two home games certainly qualifies.

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