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Tebow doing the somewhat impossible: selling tickets in Miami

For the Miami Dolphins, selling out the stadium these days takes divine intervention. A gift sent from the heavens. Someone placed on this mortal soil to perform miracles.

In other words, Tim Tebow.

The Denver Broncosare coming to Sun Life Stadium on Sunday, and Tebow's ascension to starting quarterback has led to more than 10,000 tickets being sold in the past week, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee told The Associated Press.

"The demand and interest in the game certainly has picked up since the announcement," Dee said. "Clearly this matchup and the buzz that's out there have helped with tickets."

Selling tickets has become a challenge for the Dolphins in recent years, and the team's 0-5 start and vicious home woes (1-11 since last September) haven't helped any.

Dee announced this summer that the Broncos' visit would coincide with a halftime celebration of the University of Florida's 2008 BCS national championship team. It seemed more than a little desperate, considering Sun Life Stadium also is the home of the Miami Hurricanes, and Tebow is a college football icon who was the heart and soul of the rival Gators.

"This has never been Tim Tebow Day," Dee contends. "It has always been about a celebration of the 2008 Gators team. There will be more than 20 players from that team represented."

Tebow, who never met a question to which he couldn't give a mayo-on-white-bread answer, laughed when asked about the Dolphins' decision to honor his alma mater.

"Oh, man. Good question," he said. "I think it's something that's very nice for them to do. It's extremely humbling and honoring."

If the Dolphins asked us for an alternate sales pitch, we'd give them this: "Hey, Fish fans! Don't miss what could be your last chance to see Tony Sparano on the sidelines!"

That's why nobody asks us anything.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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