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Struggling young Bucs, at 4-6, set goal to soar to 10-6

It's run-the-table time in Tampa Bay.

It's been over a month since the Bucs prevailed, but coach Raheem Morris believes his 4-6 team can win out to reach the 10-win total they achieved one season ago.

"I told them we have six more and ... we've got to knock off one at a time," Morris told the St. Petersburg Times on Monday. "You've got to play each game and there's still time to get hot. We can still finish with the same record we had last year if we got our minds right and we go out and play hard and fast, physical and smart."

It doesn't touch the epic looniness of the once-winless Dolphinssuggesting they'd win nine straight to wind up 9-7 (which, frankly, they've held true to so far), and, besides, Morris' players buy into the war cry.

"We're 4-6 and I know we still have a chance," running back LeGarrette Blount said. "We split with the Saints and we beat Atlanta. We have to win out the rest of the way and that's our plan. We still have a chance of going 10-6."

Before we get carried away, we'd like to see the Bucs address the epic flood of points they're relinquishing on a near-weekly basis: Tampa's D has let 30.75 points per game through the door during the four-game skid, and that excludes an earlier embarrassment that saw them stamped for 48 against the Niners.

Morris, in true Han Solo-like "Never tell me the odds" fashion, has strapped on the blinders: "They're upbeat, they want to win, they enjoy winning more than they're afraid to lose."

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