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Should Jets trade Revis? A friendly ATL email debate

The guys from Around The League have different opinions on how the New York Jets should handle the delicate Darrelle Revis situation. The following was taken from an email exchange on Tuesday.

I had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach last night as I watched Darrelle Revis' YouTube interview with Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson. Part of that was because Revis gave an oddly sincere response when asked about Rex Ryan's foot fetish. But mostly it was because it appears Revis is now almost resigned to a future without the Jets.

How did we get here? Are the Jets really about to trade away one of the best players they've ever had? Why does it always rain on me?

Marc Sessler: It's 2013, and Dan Hanzus just dropped a Travis reference to illuminate New York's epic offseason headache. I can't help but agree with the league source that said, "I think it's going to get ugly, very ugly." It already has, with owner Woody Johnson happy as a clam to play a game of brinksmanship with his best player.

Let me speak emotionally for a minute: Growing up watching the long-suffering Jets fan base endure one bubbling hell after another, New York cannot let Revis escape. Draft picks, money, pride: None of it is worth the loss. You'd never let your franchise quarterback escape, and this is the closest thing the Jets have had to that since Joe Namath.

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Chris Wesseling: As a football fan with no allegiance to any team (Paul Brown Stadium was the crash-site of unrequited love in the late 1990s), my interest is in seeing the best NFL fit for Revis. Looking at rosters across the NFL, I struggle to see any franchise more ill-equipped to contend than the Jets.

They have no quarterback, a declining offensive line, a severe lack of offensive playmakers, a slow defense, no pass rush and major salary-cap woes. Satisfying Revis' request to become the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history is tantamount to putting lipstick on a pig -- or Tiffany earrings on Honey Boo Boo. If he returns to full health, Revis is head-and-shoulders above any cornerback in the NFL -- including Richard Sherman.

If the stars align correctly, the Jets will never cross my television screen in 2013. Here's hoping one of the game's greatest impact players gets traded to a contender.

Gregg Rosenthal: I like that we've done this email thing twice now and both times it's about Dan's beloved 6-10 team. Working in the Jets' favor here: Revis is going to be really difficult to trade because of his injury and contract demands. Working against the Jets, as always: Owner Woody Johnson. It always comes back to him.

Also I like that Wesseling has written about Honey Boo Boo and something called "Duck Dynasty" in the span of a week.

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MS: Large pockets of America certainly agree with Wess. Jets exhaustion has descended like a fog over thinking people everywhere. Still, I can't agree with the idea that New York should do the rest of the league -- and Revis -- a favor by setting him up for a Super Bowl narrative for the ages. The fine people of the Tri-State area do not approve.

The Jets are in a fix, but shopping the best cornerback of our time won't solve any problems for the organization. Even Woody -- faced with the ghastly prospect of swapping out Revis for the glorious Bilal Powell on Jets marketing materials -- should understand he rests on the brink of a franchise-defining decision. #KeepRevisForever

GR: Everyone has a price. For the right deal, a Revis trade isn't that crazy for the Jets. I just have no confidence in the organization to not spectacularly mess up the trade and everything that comes with it.

DH: A couple things: I know about "Duck Hunt" and "Duck Tales," but "Duck Dynasty" is a total mystery to me. Gregg is right about apprehension building in regard to team owner Woody Johnson. If the Jets botch this -- and the worst-case scenario here is Revis walking as a free agent next year -- the fan base will turn on Woody entirely. It will also mean very bad things for John Idzik and Rex Ryan. This is a decision that can decide the team's fortunes for a decade.

Other than that, no pressure.

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DH: Just for Gregg, our next chain should be about how Tom Brady restructures contracts for his team when he's not saving bunny rabbits from burning pet stores.

CW: I don't see why a team with more roster needs (and perhaps more bad contracts) than any other in the NFL would benefit from paying $15-$16 million per year to a cornerback whose best years may be behind him.

GR: I'm tempted to leave Chris' thought as the final word. It would make more sense than the one where Dan replied to himself. But the contract numbers Chris mentions make me realize how impossible this trade would be. I don't think anyone is going to pay Revis what he thinks he's worth until he plays again.

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