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Published: March 1, 2013 at 06:44 p.m.
Updated: March 1, 2013 at 06:55 p.m.

10 Reasons to want Darrelle Revis

The rumors are swirling that Darrelle Revis could be on the move. This news is devastating to New York Jets fans not just because he's so good on the field, but think of all of those fans who named pets after him. Can you still have a cat named Revis if he's playing for the New England Patriots? All that aside, is it worth it for your team to get Revis? Well, here are 10 reasons why every team should be interested in him.

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  • He has his own island 10 Illustrations

    He has his own island

    Revis Island has been one of the most feared places on the football field in recent years. Revis owned half of the football field, and it was shown in his statistics. Revis didn't garner a lot of interceptions because teams were afraid to throw to his side.

  • And that island is Hawaii 9

    Paul Spinelli/Associated Press

    And that island is Hawaii

    But despite the lack of interception totals, Revis was still recognized by his peers as the game's best. Well, maybe Richard Sherman didn't feel that way, but for the most part Revis was recognized as the league's best. Revis has earned four Pro Bowl spots, was selected an All-Pro three times and he was the No. 5 player in NFL Network's "The Top 100: Players of 2012". Revis was also the 2009 Defensive Player of the Year.

  • The NFL is a passing league 8

    Paul Spinelli/Associated Press

    The NFL is a passing league

    You might have heard the expression at some point. NFL passers are putting up numbers at a record clip, so why wouldn't you want the most dominant cornerback in the league right now?

  • The knee injury is the new sprained ankle 7

    Alex Menendez/Associated Press

    The knee injury is the new sprained ankle

    Oh, right, you might be a little scared off because of his knee injury. Well, don't you know knee injuries are the new sprained ankles? Yes, we all know about how Adrian Peterson was able to make his amazing return last season. But don't forget, Jamaal Charles made it look easy, too. There are a number of players who have been able to make the return from knee injuries. Revis will be fine.

  • He's from Aliquippa, Pa. 6

    Associated Press

    He's from Aliquippa, Pa.

    Plus he's from Aliquippa, which has to count for something. The town has produced Tony Dorsett, Mike Ditka, Ty Law and Revis' uncle, Sean Gilbert. Aliquippa also was the home of Pistol Pete Maravich. Speaking of which, Revis was a pretty good hoops player in his day, too. Which would be great news for those lunchtime pickup games.

  • He writes his own music 5

    Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

    He writes his own music

    And not just the symphony of moves on the football field; Revis actually writes his own music. This isn't Deion Sanders making a regrettable rap album. Revis is a real musician, who is also pretty handy with the drums. And best of all, no profanity in his music. But speaking of Deion Sanders ...

  • He can make your team a winner 4

    Evan Pinkus/Associated Press

    He can make your team a winner

    You just have to look back to the 1994 San Francisco 49ers and the impact Sanders made on the team, as he helped push the team to victory in Super Bowl XXIX. If you look at all the picks the 49ers have accumulated for the 2013 NFL Draft, they should probably make the move to push themselves over the top once again.

  • He's in a contract year with something to prove 3

    Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

    He's in a contract year with something to prove

    Of course, Revis could just be a mercenary who is only there for one season to win. Which his fine. You want players in a contract year who are out there to justify their next huge, big-money deal. The old adage in sports is that you'd prefer to have a roster full of guys playing on a one-year deal. Revis is coming off a knee injury in search of a new contract. That's everything you want right there.

  • Don't let him go to the Patriots 2

    David Drapkin/Associated Press

    Don't let him go to the Patriots

    And really, if you don't want to grab Revis for your own team, think of the alternative: He could end up with the Patriots. You don't want that to happen, do you? The only thing worse could be...

  • the Cowboys 1

    Julio Cortez/Associated Press

    the Cowboys

    Yeah, this can't happen.

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