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Ron Rivera files to trademark 'Riverboat Ron' moniker

Ron Rivera can't fight it anymore.

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The Carolina Panthers head coach realizes "Calculated Risk-Taker Ron" and "Analytical Ron" simply won't cut it. Just as Jon Hamm is Don Draper and Ted Danson is Sam Malone, Ron Rivera is now -- and forever will be -- Riverboat Ron.

After a fair bit of resistance, Rivera has finally come around on the moniker that raised his visibility tenfold while the Panthers have surged in the standings.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Rivera's attorney filed paperwork last month to trademark "Riverboat Ron" under trademark owner Coach Rivera LLC. Asked if he made a trademark attempt, Rivera said it wasn't "a bad idea."

(You sly aqua vessel operator, you!)

"We're trying to figure it out and it's out there and people have kind of jumped onto it so I figured what the heck," Rivera said of giving in to Riverboat Ron. "If it's going to be out there then let's see if we can do something in the community with it."

"We'll figure something out," he added. "They're all worthwhile causes and we really want to see if we can help out in the community."

Sounds good to us. While we're here, kudos to ATL colleague Chris Wesseling, who might have originated (or at least heavily inspired) the Riverboat Ron nickname way back in mid-October.

We eagerly anticipate the bitter legal entanglement between everyman Wess and a wealthy NFL coach. Surely this will end well for all parties involved.

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