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Robert Kraft expects Patriots will open in Baltimore

The location of the 2013 NFL Kickoff game remains up in the air with the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles haggling over the details. (The Orioles would have to move their night game earlier in the day to accommodate.)

If the game is played in Baltimore as expected, it sounds like we might get a rematch of the last two AFC Championship Games.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft told on Monday that he expects his team to open in Baltimore if the scheduling snafu gets worked out.

"I'd be surprised if we're not the opening opponent for Baltimore on Thursday night. It would be so exciting for our organization, our fans, if we could open up there, and hopefully have the right result this time," Kraft said.

Kraft is in position to make a rather educated guess on this topic, so it sounds like he let the cat out of the bag here. We expect the Ravens and Orioles eventually to work out their differences, if only because the Orioles won't want the PR backlash from making the Ravens open their season on the road. Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti says he's offered to make up any financial losses suffered by the Orioles for moving the game time.

If the Orioles capitulate, it would mean another memorable setting for one of the AFC's best rivalries. Ravens-Patriots games have become a twice-a-year event in three of the last four seasons.

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