Will Baltimore Ravens open 2013 NFL season on road?


One of the cooler new NFL traditions: The Super Bowl champion hosts a home opener on Thursday night to start the next NFL season. The Baltimore Ravens might not be able to, however.

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The Ravens' official Twitter account announced on Monday that the team might not open on Thursday, Sept. 5 at home because of a scheduling conflict with the Baltimore Orioles.

A league source told the Ravens' website that opening on the road is on the table, but it's the "least desirable" option. The Ravens' account also said Wednesday is not an option because of Rosh Hashanah.

The Baltimore Sun reports the Ravens have tried to propose a few compromises to the Orioles, but have been unable to agree on a solution. The NFL has proposed a Thursday double-header to accommodate both the Ravens and Orioles but the option has yet to be discussed, NFL.com's Albert Breer reported.

We're a little surprised that the Wednesday option already is off the table. One of the bylaws the league is voting on at the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix involves moving the official roster cut-down deadlines forward one day in seasons when Week 1 kickoffs are on Wednesday. That indicates a Wednesday game was on the table at one point. 

Last season's opener was the first Wednesday game; it was a day early because of President Obama's Democratic National Convention address. The inclusion of the bylaw this year shows that the Competition Committee thought another Wednesday opener might be coming.

UPDATE: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the Ravens' regular-season opener during his Monday news conference at the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix. Goodell told reporters that he's called MLB Commissioner Bud Selig twice about potentially having the Orioles play that Thursday afternoon. Goodell also said that he's agreed to have the Ravens play later that evening in a double-header.

Goodell said that the NFL completely has ruled out playing the game on Wednesday, Sept. 4.

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