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Robert Griffin III: Washington Redskins' media darling

As we've said before, Robert Griffin III press conferences are fast becoming must-see TV.

Case in point: The Washington Redskins rookie closed his interview session Monday by saying "Great job," to reporters. He congratulated the media for their questions.

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Just another day in the technicolor world of RG3. In 11-on-11 drills, he chased down linebacker Bryan Kehl, who had rumbled 90 yards following a fumble recovery.

"Why give him a free touchdown?" Griffin said. "So I ran him down -- because I could -- and pushed him out of bounds."

Griffin drew laughter from the assembled media for that one. He did it again in explaining a bit of rookie initiation at the hands of cornerback Deangelo Hall, who -- you might remember -- calls Griffin the NFC East's worst quarterback.

"Today, D-Hall made me carry his pads because I said, 'I break arms tackles.' So he said, 'Here's these pads, this will help you work on breaking those arm tackles.' "

Speaking of rookie initiations, Griffin will step on stage Monday night to deliver, and possibly face, some music.

"I plan on singing, hopefully I don't get booed off the stage, but we'll see what happens," he said. "… I think I'm going to go with some Temptations, some "My Girl." Hopefully get the whole room singing, and move on from there."

(Andrew Luckshakes his head, knowing all-too-well the turkey shoot his draft buddy is about to walk into.)

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