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Andrew Luck sings, is booed off stage by fellow Colts


When it comes to singing for a crowd -- whether it's with your band, in a drunken karaoke session or even NFL rookie initiation -- it's important to know your audience.

Andrew Luck didn't factor this in when he was forced to pick a song to serenade teammates with this weekend at Indianapolis Colts training camp. His choice -- "Country Roads" by John Denver -- showed a decision-making process the Colts must pray doesn't follow him into Lucas Oil Stadium.

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Luck, out of key and out of touch, was booed off the stage. He claimed it's the only song to which he knows the words.

"It was awful," Colts coach Chuck Pagano said, via The Associated Press. "I'm glad he's not doing that for a living because he wouldn't have gotten the signing bonus he got. It was a great effort, though."

Again, know your audience. If we were Luck, we would've hit them with some classic Michael Jackson ("Man In The Mirror" jumps out for some reason.) Luck would've brought the house down with Al Green or Marvin Gaye. If he wanted to suck up to Colts owner Jim Irsay, he could've opted for The Eagles or Neil Young.

But "Country Roads"? Luck never had a chance. Just like a fresh-faced Peyton Manning, who once was jeered by teammates for his rendition of "Rocky Top" in 1998.


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