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Robert Griffin III is the new Brett Favre

We can't write enough about Robert Griffin III. At least not to satisfy your demand.

Dan Hanzus commented on the RG3 hype machine Monday, which has been in overdrive since the NFL Scouting Combine. The Redskins' rookie is starting to inspire Paul Bunyan-like tales from his teammates. Jerseys are flying off the shelves. Fans are detailing their cars with his name.

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Griffin gets clicks. Seemingly every story we write about him -- even relatively innocuous comments about him from Santana Moss -- gets a big reaction. This is not a new phenomenon; he's dominated the NFL landscape since February.

It got me thinking about another former pageview generator. No matter how much fans complained about Brett Favre coverage -- and I was often one of those complainers -- Favre generated a ridiculous amount of interest from fans. It's a fact.

RG3 might just be the new Favre. The similarities:

They are both great quotes

I can already smell a lot of people pointing out that Tim Tebow was already the new Favre. But Tebow is far from a great quote. More importantly ...

Griffin can be an elite player

This will all fade if Griffin can't deliver on the field. Unlike Tebow, however, Griffin has the skill set to be a franchise quarterback. As a potential top-10 quarterback in a football-mad market in the most visible division in the league, Griffin will get a chance to shine on the big stage right away.

Style of play

This can't be overlooked. Both Griffin and Favre had unique skill sets. Playmakers get commercials, not possession receivers. Griffin's ability to make highlights should keep him in the spotlight during the season.

Everyone has an opinion

We don't see Griffin as an especially divisive figure. How can you not like this guy at this point?

Favre similarly was an immensely likable figure for most of his career until turning into a bit of a heel wrestling-style late in his career. Griffin has a lot of the same characteristics that should win over the average fan. He's open. He lets the fans in.

Still, RG3 seems to rub just enough people the wrong way to inspire debate. Intelligent, honest players usually do that. The Griffin supporters come out in force when he's attacked.

It's hard to imagine Griffin facing the same personal struggles that Favre battled during his career. But Griffin will face a scrutiny in today's media world that Favre couldn't imagine when he was a young player. Griffin seems more equipped to handle the new media onslaught than most. He understands his place as franchise savior and seems to have fun with it.

Everything feels possible for Griffin in this honeymoon period. That's the beauty of this moment in time for him.

If the marriage goes well starting in September, Griffin has a chance to be the biggest star in the league.

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